ACTUAR Agency presents the series "A few minutes in the life of ..." at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

 Alex Ordaz Zayas        12/11/2018
The Artistic Agency of Performing Arts "ACTUAR" presented last Thursday at the 1930 Hall of the National Hotel of Cuba the series of four chapters "Some minutes in the life of ..." by the director Carlos Collazo and sponsored by the aforementioned institution. On this occasion the audiovisual presentations were dedicated to the actresses Ida Gutiérrez, Natasha Díaz and Miriam Mier, as well as the Santa Camila play of Old Havana with the testimony of some of its interpreters Verónica Lynn, María Teresa Pina and Luisa María Jiménez, respectively.

The director of ACTUAR Jorge Luis Frías Armenteros was in charge of the words of presentation and welcome to the guests to make way for the director Carlos Collazo to comment to the audience about the purpose of the series and some of the particularities that he experienced in the recordings of this new delivery.

Among those present were Virgilio Martinto; Director of Communication of the National Council of Performing Arts, Lucia Sardiñas; of attention to personalities of the Ministry of Culture, Pancho González; President of the Performing Arts Section of the UNEAC, Eduardo Blanco; choreographer of the National Ballet of Cuba and the actresses Aurora Pita, Amada Morado, Rosita Freyre and Cristina Palomino. In addition, the actors Fidelio Torres, Gerardo Montesino, Tony Arroyo and Ernesto Molina son of the disappeared Ida Gutierrez.

In only 15 minutes approximately the author shows with an informal style the personal life, and the artistic work of personalities of the national culture with recognized professional trajectory. Some by chance fates are no longer among us and others who might feel forgotten find in Collazo's work the ideal space to show the public that they are still alive. In the same way, in the interviews a colloquial language prevails, and an amusing dialogue capable of sensitizing with minimal resources each life story told by its protagonists.

This meeting serves as a preamble to the actions planned for the year 2019 in which the ACTUAR Agency will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding at the beginning of 1979 and coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Foundation of the Villa of San Cristóbal de La Havana