Oneida Hernández, the personified feeling.

Diana Rosa Riesco
Photos: Foto de Alberto Korda (cortesía de la entrevistada) y Angelo Salas.
Actress of radio, television, theater and cinema, Oneida Hernández Lorenzo, one of the best voices of the voice in Cuba, recognized as the first female image of the National Noticiero de la Television Cubana for more than 30 years and host of the program Te te contar the stars of the Cubavision channel, confesses to the magazine Arte por Excelencias, their love and vocation for these careers, where sentiment acquires relevance.

"The phrase, like the performance, has its dramaturgy without becoming dramatic; The speaker conveys a mental attitude and a feeling that is as important as reasoning. A lazy actor of feelings is almost finished because if he does not provoke the audience, he can not communicate. The heart of both must beat in consonance with the receiver; that is what differentiates the performance of one or the other professional with the same experience; if you do not move, you do not arrive.

I do not have any pain in giving me totally and sometimes I get too much feeling, but that does not bother me. As an actress, I must embody the character and give it life, resort to Stanislavski's magical Yes: If I were that person ... appeal to my emotions, it is essential to move the audience. "

Oneida received the ACTUAR Award for the work of life 2010, along with great actors and actresses such as Maria de los Angeles Santana, Marta Velazco, Luis Lloró and Luis Rielo ..., with whom she shared scenarios, from 1960 until her retirement on the Radio station Art. Simultaneously, he worked at the theater company Rita Montaner, for more than six years, under the direction of Gerardo Fulleda León.

"If I were to be born again, I would be an actress, acting is a total, overwhelming vocation; when you practice it you suffer, above all, when you do not value what you can give; I think there are always roles for an actress; I learned from the maxim of Spanish theater: There are no small roles ... all are important and in the smallest, without speaking a word, an actor can give all the feeling of the world.

The technique is learned in the academy, but being an actor, that comes with you as the color of your skin or your eyes. I was always very clear that I wanted to be an actress, although I never knew why. Since I was a little girl I liked to sing, design, recite ... and since I had certain facilities, my family supported me. When I was 18, when I realized that in the rural environment where I lived, it would be impossible for me to realize my dream, I decided to come to Havana, where I arrived in 1959, at the end of Fidel Castro's caravan. "

His debut on the radio station Unión Radio Cadena Nacional was almost accidental; the programming was live and when an actress was missing, the director accepted that he would do the paper; He was pleased and encouraged him to enroll in the School of Dramatic Arts of Vedado, where he received his first artistic training with great directors such as Loly Buján, Elvira Cervera, Roberto Garriga, Mario Rodríguez Alemán ... There, in addition to receiving techniques of acting and corporal expression, among other disciplines of general culture, knew the ethics of how to address the public, who has received love and admiration for almost 55 years of his artistic life.

"I do not remember my first paid job because at that time I did it for the love of art; I just wanted to prove my vocation and have the opportunity to prove it. With only 21 years, and always to pure test, I began to do theater in the Sala Harlequin of Rubén Vigón, I was there many years; while working as an actress and broadcaster on radio and television, especially in educational programming, staging novels, dramatized and works of universal literature, whose goal was to motivate the love of reading and thus raise the cultural level of the people.

Of all the characters I've played, I really liked Adela de La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Leonardo's wife in Bodas de Sangre and La Pepa in the Cuban film Café Amargo. Last year, I played in Radio Arte a black slave of a nation that spoke in half language; the character was so well written and transmitted so much tenderness that although it had nothing to do with my diction, it was very pleasant to do so and showed me that I want to continue being an actress in full development. "

I consider myself a lucky woman because I have worked in what I like; as an actress and presenter of shows, I was able to go to Africa, in the 80s, as part of an artistic brigade, where I was able to transmit hope and happiness to our troops who were in Angola and Ethiopia. In 1964 I worked for a year at the then Radio Peking as an announcer and proofreader of materials translated from Chinese into Spanish and in 1967 in the Soviet Union I performed a similar function and the USSR Film News Update. "

A graduate in History, Oneida has received countless recognitions such as the Distinction for National Culture, Raúl Gómez García and Majadahonda as an internationalist artist, Prize and Mention of the Caricato 2002 Contest of the UNEAC, Microphone for the 70th Anniversary