Rosita Fornés, the great vedette of Cuba, celebrates her 95th birthday

 Alex Ordaz Zayas                                    12/02/2018
Photo: Ángelo Salas 
Rosita Fornés, the great vedette of Cuba, fulfilled 95 years of life on February 11, accompanied by family and friends at her residence in Havana. In the dawn of 1923, the city of New York, in the United States, saw it born in the company of parents from Spain. Mexico surrendered at his feet and many of his great figures shared the scene and the show with her in early 1945; in fact, it was in this country where he contracted nuptials and conceived his only daughter. But, unquestionably, Cuba made it his own and consecrated it as one of the greatest exponents of Cuban and international culture. In this sense, she became one of the most acclaimed and loved artists by all Cubans that we have enjoyed not only for her singing, acting or dancing art but for all her greatness. La Fornés is much more, his talent has transcended to the point of becoming an icon of supreme stature for those who have followed his artistic career. Her name is synonymous with charisma, elegance, femininity, a whole range of accessories that surround her in an aura of great dimensions, hence the nickname of the great vedette of Cuba.

On the occasion of her birthday, a representation of the ACTUAR Agency had the pleasure of visiting her house to entertain her with some gifts among which stood a bouquet of red roses, a perfume created especially for her by the Perfumery 1791 of the Office of the Historian of the City and a candle designed by the artisan Arnaldo Padrón Sarduy, to this the good omens were added on behalf of those people who admire it so much. In an affable environment and surrounded by family affection, she received us graciously, where we could see that even with the passage of time she retains her charms, modesty and sensitivity in her treatment of others.

In a moment of sustained dialogue with her, she commented on some passages of her personal life at an early age and as a consecrated artist. He also shocked those present by confessing that, although he had an important career, the greatest reward has been the recognition received by the public throughout so many years.